Ariana Grande’s Mom Shares POWERFUL Message for Demi Lovato

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After Demi Lovato was hospitalized for a drug overdose, she was flooded with tweets and social media posts of support and well-wishes from friends, family, fans, and celebs. But one message that has really stood out comes from Ariana Grande’s mom, Joan Grande.

Joan posted a lengthy and heartfelt message, in which she praises Demi’s character and expresses how grateful she is for Demi supporting Ariana and Frankie through the years. She also calls on fans to be kind to Demi and each other during this difficult time.

The post reads in part QUOTE, “I am knocked down over Demi, I hope and pray that she recovers quickly and finds sobriety again. It is work, hard work, but with support and love, she will succeed! I know it, we are there for her in any way. She is a sweet, kind person who have, in my personal experience, always shown love to everyone in my world. She was there for Frankie during his work with sobriety and as we know, he just celebrated his ONE year. She has always been so supportive of Ariana as well, sharing her experiences with the fame and celebrity and notoriety of growing up in a very public space…women supporting women, what a fabulous idea! Yes, it can happen and does!”

Amen to that! She continued QUOTE, “…let’s ALL make a deal today … let’s try to be nice to everyone, let’s try to remember that we are ALL human and no one is better than the other, let’s try to share love and light, let’s not pass judgement. Let’s not amplify negativity by repeating it. Remember, if you have nothing good to say, why say it?? Don’t say it! You never know how much you are hurting someone. Try not to find your own self-worth by knocking down others. You never know, if you share love and light, that just may give you the self-worth you are desperately looking for. No one person knows what another person is going through, so why not support instead of tear them apart?”

The post resonated with thousands of people, and quickly went viral as the details of Demi’s overdose became more and more known. Demi is reportedly stable, and according to reports she will be heading straight to rehab once she’s out of the hospital. We’re sure messages like Joan’s will help Demi feel strong and loved, so let’s keep sending her all the positive vibes and well-wishes.

Alright now I wanna know what you guys think of Joan’s message for Demi? And were there any other messages of support for her that particularly resonated with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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