Ariana Grande’s Family TERRIFIED Over Pete Davidson Engagement?

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Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson are in love and got engaged after only a month of dating and honestly by Rom Com standards, the whole thing is pretty adorable. But understandably, Ariana’s family is a little concerned. At least according to reports. Not only did they get engaged after a month of dating, they both have since gotten representative tattoos of their relationship and according to RadarOnline, Frankie Grande and mama Joan are not happy about any of it. A supposed Grande familly source told Radar Online QUOTE – “Of course everyone is happy for her but they are also super worried that she is going to get her heart ripped out. Everyone thinks that he is using her. But she is not listening to anyone and is shutting out anyone who tries to wish her anything but happiness and joy.”

Another issue, according to the reports, is that Pete is allegedly smoking marijuana every day to combat his health related issues after previously going sober in 2017. Apparently Ariana is ok with him smoking weed again, but Ariana’s brother Frankie is not. The source said QUOTE – “The red flags are everywhere and Ariana refuses to see any of it. Ariana’s brother Frankie is sober for over a year and he cannot believe that Pete thinks that smoking weed every day is okay after struggling with addiction. He has told Ariana this and she doesn’t want to hear any of it … She is in love and is convinced he is her soul partner. Nothing can change her mind.”

Apparently Ariana bought a $16 million condo in New York City for her and Pete to live in, so it all just doesn’t look the best to the family.

Oh and also, Ariana may be releasing a song called “Pete.” So if the families’ concerns are legit, like if they actually are terrified, I get it but also something tells me that Ariana and Pete are the real deal. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comment section below. Thanks for watching! Please Click over here to watch another breaking news story and don’t forget to subscribe to our channels.” I’m your host Drew Dorsey and I’ll see you next time.

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