Ariana Grande Teases SEXY “God Is a Woman” Lyrics & Collabs With Madonna?!

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Fans of Ariana Grande have been WAITING to hear ‘God is a Woman’ ever since Ari revealed that it’ll be her second single off of Sweetener. Although the release date is still days away, Ari actually gave fans more than enough lyrics to hold them over until July 20th.
On Thursday morning, Ariana wrote the lyrics to her upcoming single in a series of tweets. She tweeted QUOTE, “You love it how I move you, love it how I touch you my one. When all is said n done, you’ll believe god is a woman. And I feel it after midnight, a feelin that you can’t fight. It lingers when we’re done, you’ll believe god is a woman.”
Shortly after she posted the lyrics, a fan questioned Ariana about the song’s sexual nature and said QUOTE, “Thought it was about female empowerment?” To which Ari responded with QUOTE, “Sex is empowering. It’s the source of all life. Pussy is a privilege.” I mean, is she wrong though?
Anyway, not only did Ari dangled some pretty wild lyrics on Twitter AND the artwork for ‘God Is a Woman’ on Instagram for her fans to feed on, she also shared THIS photo of herself and Madonna with the caption QUOTE, “thank you Madonna, you know why.” And that, my friends, caused her fans to go into a massive frenzy.
Arianators left and right started speculating that Ariana and Madonna totally collaborated on a song together. Well, Ari has yet to confirm or deny this claim, so I guess only time will tell if she and Madonna actually teamed up for a song together.
Alright, so two questions for you. How excited are you guys for “God Is A Woman?” AND what are your thoughts on Ari collaborating with Madonna?! Leave your comments in the comment section below. Click to the right to watch another new video & don’t forget to subscribe to our channels! Thanks for hanging with me, I’m your girl Drew Dorsey and I’ll see ya next time!

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