Ariana Grande SUPPORTS Brother Frankie’s Sobriety After Post-Manchester Drug Abuse

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Frankie Grande seemed like he had everything going for him over the past year, but he was actually struggling with intense inner demons. The 35-year-old secretly turned to drugs and alcohol to cope with the terrorist attack that happened at sister Ariana Grande’s concert in Manchester in May 2017. We just recently passed the 1-year anniversary of the deadly bombing and Frankie also recently hit the 1-year sober mark.

Frankie wrote an emotional letter, published on, about battling substance abuse following the attack and ultimately realizing he had a problem and needed to get help.

He wrote QUOTE “Today I am one year sober… and the gratitude that I feel in the face of this milestone is measureless. After the tragic events of Manchester, with the senseless loss of life and the fear that came from knowing my family was unsafe and that I was completely powerless to protect them, I went to a very dark place with no tools to handle the feelings that came along with the devastation of the attack. I tried to pull myself out of the darkness by drinking and abusing prescribed drugs as I had done in the past for so many other reasons… but that only made the hole that I was trying to crawl out of even deeper.”

He says he had a rock bottom moment when he was laying on the bathroom floor after a night of heavy drinking and realized he couldn’t keep living that way. He said QUOTE “I finally had the courage to ask for help. I got help… and I am here today because with that help I discovered that the path to the light was not in drowning my sorrows, but in facing them head on… in sobriety.”

After Frankie published the open letter and let fans in on what had been going on for the past year, Ariana jumped onto social media to show her love and support for her brother.

She tweeted QUOTE “i couldn’t possibly be prouder @frankiejgrande i love you so v much” and he responded QUOTE “thank u my incredible sister. ur strength is what gave me the courage to ask u for help. & u selflessly were there for me the moment i asked, as u were for so many people during that difficult time. i love u. i can’t thank you enough. i could not have done this without u. at all.”
Not only is it an incredible achievement to achieve a year of sobriety, but it’s also awesome to see how much love and support Frankie had from his family during this tough time. Are you surprised to hear that he was battling addiction? What do you think of Ariana’s response? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below and click here to find out how Ariana is taking her relationship with Pete Davidson to the next level. I’m your host Emile Ennis Jr thanks so much for watching Clevver and I’ll see you next time.

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