Ariana Grande Reveals She CRIED Hundreds Of Times While Recording New Album

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As we all know, Ariana Grande has had a tumultuous year following the devastating attack at her Manchester Arena concert last May, which left 23 people dead. That’s why, it should come as no surprise that her next album Sweetener, which is slated for release on July 20th, will include some emotional tracks about the heartbreaking experience.

In a recent interview with Fader, Ari understandably got teary-eyed when she was prompted to talk about the bombing. She said, QUOTE, “I guess I thought with time, and therapy, and writing, and pouring my heart out, and talking to my friends and family that it would be easier to talk about, but it’s still so hard to find the words. When you’re so close to something so tragic and terrifying and opposite of what music and concerts are supposed to be, it kind of leaves you without any ground beneath your feet.”

Still, with all of the pain, Ariana’s managed to put together a new album for her fans, even though it was a long and difficult process. She even told Fader that she recently added on another five songs to the album because, while at first she was worried that the songs were QUOTE, “too emotionally honest,” she later decided that, QUOTE, “I don’t want to hide any pain from them because I can relate to their pain. Why not be in it together?”

If it’s starting to sound like her new album is going to be full of slow and sad songs, don’t worry. While the lyrics are vulnerable and emotional, she also told Fader that the album includes a ton of bops.

QUOTE, “I’ve always just been like a shiny, singing, 5-6-7- 8, sexy-dance… sexy thing. But now it’s like, ‘OK… issa bop — but issa message. Issa bop but also has chunks of my soul in it. Here you go. Also, I cried 10 hundred times in the session writing it for you. Here is my bleeding heart, and here is a trap beat behind it.’ There’s definitely some crying-on the-dancefloor stuff on this one.”

And, as we all know, Ariana loves to have some of the biggest rappers hop on her song, and to find the best of the best, she actually auditioned 10 different ones! You heard that correctly! After none of the auditions felt right to Ari, she turned to her friend Nicki Minaj, who really swooped in and saved the say.

Ari said, QUOTE, “That’s what Nicki Minaj does, she elevates a record. If you’re going to have a rapper on a song, they need to really really really be there for a reason, and she does that every single time.”

Wow! We can’t wait for this new record. Can you? Let us know in the comments section below, and then click to the left to find out some more secrets about the upcoming album. Thanks for watching Clevver News, I’m your host Ava Gordy and I’ll see you next time.

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