Ariana Grande CLAPS BACK at Haters Over Pete Davidson Engagement

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Ariana Grande calls for an end to the social media war over her engagement to Pete Davidson.

There’s not much we love more than a fiery Ari clap back.

Ariana Grande is continuing her mission to spread love and that includes protecting her own. She took it upon herself to firmly respond to multiple haters online. Ariana clapped back at those doubting and questioning her lightning-fast engagement to Pete Davidson. She was tagged by a fan account on IG who posted a paparazzi photo where Pete is clearly flipping off the camera. One fan commented on the post, “BRUH IM DEAD HE FLIPPING US OFF”. Ariana responded to the fan clarifying who Pete was flipping off, “R u NuTS?????? The PAPS..not YOU…..???? ever…??? Stop w this sh–. Please. Forreal. I love ya’ll too much for this. Enough w the ig/ twitter war thing. It ends now.” Ariana responded to this fan a second time adding, “yall r so loved. Stop trying to start sh–. Everything is so beautiful right now. Im over it.”

Another user captured a screenshot of a DM from Ariana reading, “hey pls stop w the hate and all the nonsense opinions n stuff. It’s no fun for anybody in the fandom nor for me. I love ya’ll a lot… like family. And i work really hard to make you happy. Please be supportive and kind to each other and about my life if thats ok. Thats all i ask in return.” We gotta say, Ari has some good points here. None of her pleas seem crazy or unreasonable. She’s in love and she would like her fans to be respectful and supportive of that.

Ari inserted herself another fan conversation, this time about a lyric in her new song “The Light is Coming”. The fan asked her about the line “You wouldn’t let anybody speak and instead”- which is a sample from a 2009 town hall meeting in Pennsylvania where Democratic Senator Arlen Specter is disagreeing with a voter over the issue of privatized health insurance. Ari clarified her use of the sample in the song responding, “It’s about people & their loud ass opinions making them deaf to others & the light.”

We’ve got one last clap back treat for you guys. By now you may have seen Ariana’s since deleted tweet answering a fan that asked “how long Pete is”? The fan quickly updated the question adding, “as in the interlude not as in…” and to our delight Ariana had some fun in her response writing, “Like 10 inches? Oh f**k… I mean… like lil over a minute.” Regardless of what fans and critics are saying on social media, Ariana and Pete seem to be going strong. The two were seen strolling in NYC Monday morning with Starbucks cups in hand. What do you guys make of all these clap backs from Ariana? Do you think they will actually end the war over her engagement? Get typing below. Then click here to see a BET Awards themed episode of Dirty Laundry. As always, I’m your host Renee Shaffi, thanks for tuning in to Clevver!

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