Ariana Grande APOLOGIZES For Her ‘TRASH’ Merch & Didn’t Approve It

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One T-shirt released as part of Ari’s new Sweetener merch line is being BLASTED by fans on social media, and once you see it, you’ll completely understand why.

The shirt’s very basic design features an ironed-on photo of Ari on a plain white T-shirt, and as one fan perfectly put it QUOTE, “This looks like those shirts people sell outside of concerts”.

But fans who are upset with the lazy T-shirt design needn’t worry, because Ari herself agrees with them that that particular merch is trash. She replied to one fan’s complaint QUOTE, “yea this looks wild and i can’t believe they sent it out. i’m on it. so f**kin sorry. the other merch looks perfect in person. i don’t wear t shirts so i didn’t have them send me this one first i’m so so sorry. i’ll approve everything in person from now on. this is trash. my bad.”

It’s understandable that Ari didn’t get a chance to approve ALL of her merchandise in person, as she’s one of the busiest pop stars in existence these days. She recently released new singles and collabs with Troye Sivan and Nicki Minaj, moved into a new apartment with her fiance Pete Davidson, AND she’s gearing up to drop her fourth studio album in just a couple of weeks.

That being said, we’re not really sure about the whole “she doesn’t wear t-shirts” part of Ari’s apology — like, she NEVER wears t-shirts, or she rarely wears them? I don’t know why this information is so shocking and fascinating, but color us confused.

Of course, whatever Ari’s personal relationship with T-shirts are these days, we’re just glad that she cares about her fans and their happiness so much, that she’s willing to PERSONALLY address AND take care of this issue.

Alright guys now I wanna turn things over to you — what do you think of the lazy t-shirt design, and are you surprised at Ari’s explanation that she didn’t approve it in person because she doesn’t wear t-shirts? Sound off with all your thoughts in the comments below!

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