Apple Launches NEW 32-Person FaceTime Feature & Fans Share Hilarious Reactions

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Apple introduces a NEW 32-person Group FaceTime feature, and it’s already become a meme.

Some people aren’t exactly thrilled about an IRL version of a group text.

Yesterday at their Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple introduced all the new software updates they’re gearing up to roll out, and one new feature in particular had the whole internet talking.

Group Facetime is officially about to be a thing, and while many people are stoked that they’ll be able to chat with more than one person with the upgrade, no one was expecting Apple to make it possible for 32 people to chat at once.

To put that into perspective for you, that’s basically an entire season of contestants on the Bachelor. Talking. All at once.

Of course with the big announcement came even bigger reactions, and while some people are totally stoked about the new Group FaceTime feature, not everyone is down with the whole 32-people-chatting-at-once thing, which lead to some hilarious memes.

One fan joked, “Group FaceTime sounds like a threat”, while another Tweeted a gif of the Brady Bunch, which definitely sums up what the feature is really gonna be like.

But with more cursing and confusion.

Other memes include one from Netflix, in which they joked “If the A-Team had access to Apple’s new group Facetime, Pretty Little Liars would have been, like, three episodes long”.

Netflix, you make a fair and hilarious point.

Other fans pointed out concerns about the update, like how it’ll affect the iPhone’s battery life, or what the psychological effects of trying to keep up with that many people at once will be.

Seriously, I still have PTSD from my last group text.

We’ll just have to wait and see if the Group FaceTime feature will come with more pros than cons. But until then, we’ll just keep enjoying the memes.

Okay guys now I wanna hear your reactions to the new Group FaceTime feature — are you super psyched or already dreading it? Share all your thoughts and feelings in the comments, and once you’re done with that click right over here to check out Starbucks’ new Magenta Frappuccinos!

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