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It has been YEARS – well, four years, eight months, and five days since the Jonas Brothers announced their breakup, but really, who’s counting? Anyway, since their upsetting reveal, fans have been PRAYING for a Jonas Brothers reunion and guess what JoBro fans, it looks like your prayers have been answered!
Rumors of a possible musical reunion all started when Joe, Nick, and Kevin were spotted filming something in Sydney, Australia. These photos sparked a TON of reunion speculations when they were published because the only time these three are ever seen together are at family reunions WITHOUT giant professional cameras all up in their faces.
Some fans tried not to get their hopes up by assuming this mini reunion in Australia was all for The Voice Australia since Joe was a judge on the show. However, the show ended without anything JoBro related in sight.
These rumors eventually died down UNTIL a member of a Facebook group by the name of Morning Breathers shared a very interesting email in the group. The user shared a photo of an email with ‘Jonas Brothers Touring’ in the subject line and wrong alongside the screenshot QUOTE, “First time poster here…I work at an insurance company in event planning but my friend who is an underwriter gets all the inside scoop on tours before they are announced. Looks like the Jonas Brothers rumors were true!”
But wait, THERE’S MORE. In addition to these reunion tour rumors, the boys were spotted yet again walking around their hometown of Wyckoff, New Jersey, visiting all and I mean ALL of their old hangout spots, the old house they grew up in, AND their elementary school. All while a camera was filming their every move. Smells like there’s a JoBro documentary in the works! Or maybe a family reality show?
Anyway, one fan even went as far as to tell the world on Instagram that a JB documentary is DEFINITELY happening. They wrote QUOTE, “Omg, my aunt used to teach Joe Jonas so one of her old coworkers called her and told her the Jonas Brothers were coming back to the old elementary school to film a documentary there and they said it’s a secret but the Jonas Brothers are apparently getting back together and are announcing it soon and making a documentary!!”
PLUS, to support this documentary theory even more, filmmaker Grant MacDowell, who worked on Demi’s ‘Simply Complicated’ documentary posted a video crossing the George Washington Bridge from NYC to New Jersey on Instagram with the hashtags ‘new york’ ‘bagel’ ‘nj’ ‘documentary’ ‘film.’ Yeah, we are 1000 percent internally screaming right now.
So what do you guys think? Are our favorite musical brothers really reuniting once again and creating a documentary about their journey as a band of brothers or do you think it’s just wishful thinking? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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