ALL The Signs Demi Lovato Was In Trouble BEFORE Hospitalization

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There are always signs when it comes to addiction and relapse, and looking back, these are what many fans suspect were Demi’s…

First, in Demi’s YouTube documentary, “Simply Complicated” released late last year, she opened up about her addiction struggles, and that despite going through rehab, at one point she relapsed and had a scare with a cocaine overdose. Demi made it clear in the doc that sobriety was an ongoing battle for her, with some days being harder than others. She also revealed that while she’s been able to remain sober from drugs and alcohol for years, she’s still struggled with an eating disorder for years.

But Demi’s candidness in the doc didn’t seem to indicate that she was actively struggling with her alcohol and drug addictions. And back in March of this year, she shared with fans that she was celebrating 6 years of sobriety. But some outlets pointed out that around that time, and even earlier, Demi started partying with friends who are not sober themselves, such as Bella Thorne, French Montana, as well as some of her backup dancers.

In March, Bella Thorne and Demi were seen exiting a Hollywood strip club, and while that alone doesn’t mean Demi was drinking or taking drugs, pictures from that night do appear to show Demi looking “out of it”. In one close-up shot posted by Bella Thorne, Demi’s pupils appear to be dilated, which is a common indicator of drug use. One Twitter user claiming to be a Demi insider alleged that Demi was on three substances at the time that photo was taken, including alcohol, weed, and Oxycontin, which is a narcotic Demi admitted to abusing when she was in the deepest throws of her addictions.

Rumors of Demi falling off the wagon started emerging, but it was Demi who came out and admitted that she had through her song, “Sober”, which she released in June. She reveals in the lyrics of the song QUOTE, “Momma, I’m so sorry, I’m not sober anymore
And daddy, please forgive me for the drinks spilled on the floor”. She also sings in the song QUOTE, “I’m sorry that I’m here again, I promise I’ll get help, It wasn’t my intention, I’m sorry to myself”.

After the song’s release, fans pointed to other signs that seemed to indicate that Demi had not, in fact, gotten help after her relapse. On July 6th, she shaded her longtime sober coach, Mike Bayer with a tweet that read QUOTE, “Good luck on your blog”. Soon after, sources revealed to Us Weekly that she and Mike were no longer in communication. Radar Online also alleged that Demi was asked to leave her position as a co-owner of CAST Centers, the rehabilitation company she and Mike were both partners in. Another source, however, claimed Demi was the one to part ways with the company over branding and money disputes.

Demi also shocked fans when she fired her longtime manager Phil McIntyre earlier this month. There has been some speculation that the contract may have included a sobriety clause to encourage Demi to remain sober. If the deal DID have this stipulation, it would have meant that Demi falling off the wagon while under contract with Phil would have been a dealbreaker.

Some of the most recent indicators that Demi was headed for trouble was how Demi was spending her time while on break from her tour. Demi has been photographed partying more and more with her assistant Kelsey Kershner, as well as some of her backup dancers from her ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ tour, including Dani Vitale, Scott Myrick and Jackie Lloyd. She’s also been spending time with rapper G-Eazy — the two were spotted clubbing in Hollywood earlier this month. G-Eazy was notoriously arrested in Sweden earlier this year for cocaine possession. The excessive partying and the crowd Demi had been surrounding herself with lately supposedly had some of Demi’s closest friends concerned, and she was rumored to have cut ties with a number of former friends in the last few weeks.

The last sign that Demi was in need of help came just days before her overdose. While singing ‘Sober’ during her Paso Robles show, Demi forgot the last couple lyrics to the song.

The lines Demi forgot were, cryptically and forebodingly, QUOTE, “I promise I’ll get help, it wasn’t my intention, I’m sorry to myself.”

One Twitter user responded to the incident QUOTE, “And no, she didnt forget the last 3 lines of sober. She just didnt want to get help anymore, she thought she was free…”

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