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Summer is officially upon us and you can be assured that there will be loads of barbeques in the future for many people – and sometimes the smell of meat on the Barbie can’t be beat. Well now you can fake the divine smell of a world class steak house with the simple strike of a match, thanks to these a1 sauce meat scented candles!
Although the product looks as though it might be a joke on first glance, A1’s Twitter account has recently been verified, and they have tweeted various news articles linking to a specific web site designed just for the pop-up candle shop – so candles are officially the real deal, and you can get your hands on them RIGHT NOW.
The a.1 original sauce twitter account tweeted QUOTE,
“Father’s day just got a whole lot smellier in the best way possible”
I’m not so sure about that but I’ll let you guys decide upon further inspection.
A1’s meat candles come in three varieties: “Original Meat,” “Backyard BBQ,” and simply “Burger.” Their product descriptions on the website included burn time and shipping information, as well as distinct scent profiles:
You can expect the original meat candle to have an even burn while filling any room in your house with the signature aroma of A.1., conjuring up warm memories of delicious meals shared with the ones you love. This one apparently pairs well with dad jokes.
The Backyard BBQ scent is described as a walk down memory lane that includes celebrations with your dad and a classic backyard barbeques. You’ll find the scent of hot summer air, meat sizzling on the grill, mingled with the rich, tangy scent of A.1.all while surrounded by friends and family. Doesn’t that description sound lovely?
Then the classic burger scent is one that smells like a perfectly-cooked patty, with all the fixin’s of course, plus a tangy dollop of A.1. Sauce – you know, to put it over the top. This candle is made to smell just like that classic burger you know and love, so get excited fellow carnivores.
The company says the 9oz candles are hand-poured in the United States and will burn for 50-70 hours and retail for $15 each at A1MeatScents.com. Even though they’re being marketed for Father’s Day, we can totally see this being fit for pretty much anyone in your life who loves the scent of steak on the grill.
Of course people all across social media have some mixed feelings about these meat scented candles.
@GunnerRocks hilariously tweeted quote,
“Throwing out the wife’s yankee candles immediately! A1 steak sauce introduces meat scented candles”
While @radioryguy tweeted,
“A1 steak sauce is selling meat scented candles…what a time to be alive”

Either way I’m interested to hear your thoughts about these meat scented candles. Would this be something you or someone you know would love to have in the house? Sound off in the comments below. When you’re done with that, click right over here to see check out Chili’s new MASSIVE 5-meat boss burger! As always, I’m your host @erinrobinson on Instagram and I’ll see you next time.

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