13 Reasons Why Season 2 SLAMMED for GRAPHIC Finale Scene

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13 Reasons Why is being slammed by critics and viewers alike for an incredibly graphic scene, and it seems all too familiar. If you haven’t seen or caught up with 13 Reasons Why, consider this your official spoiler warning.
Now, if you have finished the second season of the show, which dropped last Friday, then you can probably understand why some people have some thoughts about the finale. Tyler returns to school, ready to embrace a second chance at happiness, but is stopped short when Monty confronts him in the bathroom. Monty and his friends beats Tyler by slamming his head into the bathroom mirror and the sink multiple times, before leading him into a stall, where Monty proceeds to force Tyler’s head into the toilet. Monty then sexually assaults Tyler with a broomstick. Monty and his friends then leave, while Tyler is left completely traumatized and bleeding on the bathroom floor.
Graphic would be an understatement, but the scene is also absolutely devastating, and now a lot of people are speaking out about it, and questioning whether the extent of that scene, meaning just how much was shown, was necessary.
One viewer took to Twitter to share her disapproval writing QUOTE “There was absolutely no need for that scene with Tyler in the last episode. Why did that need to be written in. 13 Reasons Why is problematic and that’s that.”
Another echoed with QUOTE “AFTER THAT BRUTAL SCENE WITH THE MOP AND TYLER, THIS SHOW NEEDS TO BE CANCELLED. Obviously the people behind this show only gives a f—k about shock value and not about rape or suicide.”
But obviously not everybody disagrees with the choice to add in that scene, with some viewers sharing that it’s important to address these things because they really do happen.
One user tweeted QUOTE “I agree that the Tyler’s moment in episode 13 was hard to watch.. but what happened is true and some people go through that s—t, so if you think that was too much to watch, take a second and think what others have felt and no one talks about it.”
And there have been multiple people who have shared that this very situation has happened at their own high schools. Which is completely and utterly unbelievable, but absolutely true.
None of the writers or execs have spoken out about the backlash just yet, but each episode did begin with an advisory warning from the cast, themselves, encouraging younger viewers or people who may have certain triggers to watch with an adult. And the last episode included an extra advisory warning, but do you guys think it was enough?
Let’s start a healthy conversation, by sharing your thoughts and feelings about having that scene in 13 Reasons Why, so head to the comments down below. Then you can click right here for the season’s most controversial topics. Thank you guys so much for tuning in, I’m Sinead de Vries, make sure you hit that subscribe button, and I’ll see you all next time.

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