10 Things You Never Knew About THE NEXT KARATE KID

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There’s no Daniel, no Johnny, and no Ali “with an I.” But we do get Mr. Miyagi, newcomer Hilary Swank, aka The Next Karate Kid and… Michael Ironside? Here we’ll take a look at 10 Things You Never Knew About The Next Karate Kid.

[1] 0:25 – The Next Karate Kid is Canon
[2] 0:58 – So Where Was Daniel?
[3] 1:56 – His First Name Isn’t Mister
[4] 2:50 – The Original Writer Was Way Over It
[5] 3:24 – It Was Made By The Director Of Young Guns
[6] 3:48 – The Referee Did Return
[7] 4:19 – 500 Girls Auditioned For The Title Role
[8] 5:02- The Poster Shot Was As Hard As It Looks
[9] 5:23 – Walton Goggins Is In It
[10] 5:44 – Ok, There’s One More Actor From An Earlier Film…

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