10 Things You Never Knew About THE KARATE KID PART II

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This is how you make a sequel! The Karate Kid Part II took the hero and the relationship we loved from the first movie in a new environment, deepening the mythology, with heavy helpings of romance, mystery, and even higher stakes. Here we’ll take a look at 10 things you never knew about The Karate Kid 2.

[1] 0:29 – The End Is The Beginning
[2] 1:10 – Ali’s Scene Was Scrapped
[3] 1:34 – That’s Not Okinawa
[4] 2:10 – Miyagi’s Big Adventure
[5] 2:30 – Miyagi’s Friends
[6] 3:02 – 8-Bit Slabs Of Ice
[7] 3:28 – A Presidential Visit
[8] 3:48 – The Rocky Connection
[9] 4:21 – It Was The Most Successful Karate Kid
[10] 5:00 – There Was Almost Another Karate Kid Part II

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