10 Things You Never Knew About HAPPY GILMORE

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After the improbable success of Billy Madison, which saw Adam Sandler and his old college roommate turned writing partner beating the Hollywood odds by sticking to their guns, the breakout Saturday Night Live star and his pals were given a second shot: Happy Gilmore. Generations of fans have quoted the golf comedy ever since. Here we’ll take a look at 10 Things You Never Knew About Happy Gilmore.

[1] 0:34 – The Real Happy Gilmore
[2] 1:06 – Shooter Mcrobin Hood
[3] 1:24 – The Real Shooter
[4] 1:58 – Bob Barker Can Really Fight
[5] 2:43 – Grandma’s Boy
[6] 3:13 – Bond Villain Balance
[7] 3:55 – Whip It Good
[8] 4:33 – Happy Gilmore And The Pros
[9] 5:32 – Happy’s Hole
[10] 5:56 – The Putter

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