10 Super Cool Facts About COBRA KAI

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Cobra Kai is the sequel series we didn’t realize we wanted that’s 1,000 better than we could have expected. Deepening the mythology of The Karate Kid, taking the original 1984 Lilm’s hero and bully and broadening both of them into ever more multi-dimensional co-protagonists and co-antagonists, the hit YouTube series is more than fan service, Easter eggs, and nostalgia, ‘though there’s plenty of that, too. Here we’ll take a look at 10 Super Cool Facts About Cobra Kai.

[1] 0:38 – A 3-D Johnny Lawrence
[2] 1:02 – Hot Tub Time Machine
[3] 1:35 – The Reluctant Sensei
[4] 1:54 – Will Smith Is A Producer
[5] 2:25 – Back To The Future
[6] 2:56 – The Twist Was In The Original Pitch
[7] 3:17 – So, What’s In Store For Kreese?
[8] 3:50 – Will Johnny And Daniel Fight Again?
[9] 4:31 – The Door Is Open To Hilary Swank
[10] 5:15 – Will We See Ali In Season Two?

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